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Captain Sir Thomas Moore

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

This morning, Cpt. Sir Thomas Moore passed away of COVID-19 at Bedford Hospital in the United Kingdom, he was 100 years old. Cpt. Tom made headlines around the world for his fundraising campaign to walk a hundred laps of his garden in support of the U.K. National Health Service. He set out to raise £1,000; he raised over £30 Million ($53 Million).

There was no better exemplification of the ideals of continuing to serve then Cpt. Tom. He led an extraordinary life including, serving his nation around the world during the dark days of World War 2, competing as a professional motorcycle driver, maintaining a support network for his regiment for 64 years, and raising a family. At the age of 99, Cpt. Tom witnessed the world plunged into darkness and death for the second time in his life. And for the second time in his life he answered the call for service. In his second go around at heroism Cpt. Tom inspired a nation, and a world, not with guns and violence but with a walker and a garden.

With his medals bright on his chest and a look of positive determination, he strode through his gardens in support of a younger generation on the front lines of a new war. Sadly that war has now taken his life. But his legacy lives on. The inspirational acts of a 100 year old veteran of Great Britain have resonated globally and inspired us all.

We are having a dark winter, and reading about Cpt. Tom's death this morning felt like yet another blow. But if a 100 year old veteran can find the will and determination to continue serving his country at one of its lowest points for the second time in his life, we can all find it in us to follow suit.

All of us here at Continue to Serve send our condolences to the family of Captain Sir Thomas Moore’s family and friends. Thank you for your service.

Rest in Peace.

To donate to the Captain Tom Foundation the link is here:

Or please consider donating to a local charity of your choice. For D.C. residents the link to the Greater Washington Community Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund is here:


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