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The 1776 Report: A Dangerous Disgrace

Peter Griffin, PublicDomainPhotos

Never in our lives could we imagine such a disgusting and virulent document being written at the encouragement of our The White House. The 1776 Report is one of the spawns of President Trump's use of the Federal Government to respond to the BLM movement. While not as visible as the deployment of federal forces, the danger it represents is immense. Its goal is the advocacy of “Patriotic Education”. In reality it is a compendium of lies, propaganda, and disgust. It is a disgrace to education, the office of the President, and to our nation. This report should be immortalized only to demonstrate propaganda at its lowest and the authors of the report should resign.

We loathe this document and condemn it as veterans, as progressives and as Americans.

  • As veterans we can not comprehend how such lies and misrepresentations are told about the Constitution we swore to defend and documents our nation cherishes such as the Declaration of Independence.

  • As writers, parents, and professionals, we fear for the type of institutionalized and propaganda-plagued system of education that this report advocates for (Section V. Pg. 17) and what it would mean for the education of students.

  • As progressives, we despise its comparisons and connections to noble causes like the civil rights movements to disgraces such as McCarthyism(Section IV. Pg.10). And to release such a comparison on a day meant to honor Dr. Martin Luther King is a stain on his legacy.

  • As Americans, we are bewildered as to how recommendations that defy our nation's soul could be uttered by not just one person but by an entire commission with the permission and encouragement of our White House.

The constant adorations and promotion of Christianity (Section V. Pg. 17), the attacks on the LGBTQ+ communities (Section V. Pg. 17) , and the diminution of the ordeals of our nation’s people of color (Section IV. Pg. 15, Section IV. Pg. 10., etc.) are offenses to our country. Alone each of these recommendations and manipulations of history should demand the immediate resignation of every name associated with the creation of this ‘report’. Any historian would lose all credibility to have authored this document, but of course there were none on the commission.

The 1776 Report is pandering and propaganda at its worst. We at Continue To Serve will be taking this report apart piece by piece over the coming days to address its many falsehoods, but know now that it does not represent America. It bears no connection with the truth. It is a disgrace.


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