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As a relatively new organization, we are in need of those with experience in the nonprofit realm, but we also need individuals with solid business, finance, accounting, legal, marketing, and administration experience. We do not require our board members to be a veteran, though it certainly doesn't hurt! Being a board member can seem to be a big commitment, especially for a new organization, but honestly, we're focused on making a difference, not just making noise. When thinking about whether being a board member is something you'd be interested in with Continue To Serve, consider this, if idealism wasn't looked at as lofty, but possible, if doing the right thing wasn't lauded and instead common place, if we all did what was in the best interest of us all, this organization wouldn't need to exist. But that is simply not the case. So is donating a little time or money to an organization that focuses on changing that, that focuses on helping those that need support, isn't that worth an hour or two of your time? When we think about all that we accomplished in our lives, is it more important to think about how we built up our lives, or rather, is it of more value to know we made our mark on this world by leaving it a better place than when we arrived? Our board is currently comprised of 2 men and 4 women, but we need you to continue to grow so we can continue to serve. Please fill out our volunteer form or contact us through any of our social media or LinkedIn accounts. Thank you for your consideration.

About us

Continue to Serve is a grassroots veteran’s organization, comprised of members who are committed to upholding their oath to the Constitution by working for social justice. We aim to secure freedom and equality for all on a local and national level. We will achieve our mission by engaging in community outreach, forming effective partnerships, and participating in actions to hold those in power accountable.

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