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It's hard to be in the military and say that at one point or another, you were not training someone for something. We have so many opportunities for teaching and education. For the BLM Movement, we need people who want to lead our white ally training or put together educational content to learn about important events in history that have been buried in the past. For our voting rights team, we need to educate individuals on who is running in their local elections. We need to provide information on how to vote, where to vote, how to register, etc. For our veteran members, we need to provide access and information to veteran programs so that we can ensure every veteran maximizes all their opportunities using the benefits they so rightly deserve.

About us

Continue to Serve is a grassroots veteran’s organization, comprised of members who are committed to upholding their oath to the Constitution by working for social justice. We aim to secure freedom and equality for all on a local and national level. We will achieve our mission by engaging in community outreach, forming effective partnerships, and participating in actions to hold those in power accountable.

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