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The leadership team focuses on a variety of tasks and responsibilities. We need veterans to step up to that leadership role we fit so well. All of our teams need effective leadership, from our volunteer team to our social media team to our direct action team. There are a number of roles we are needing to fill right now. We are currently being asked to be a part of multiple events across the DMV and many of those events take place at the same time. We need points of contact for each event who can oversee personnel on the ground and make sure we are fulfilling our role at the events were supporting. Currently we are focused on the BLM Movement and the Right to Vote movement, but as our team grows, so too will the issues we support. If there is an issue you want to focus on, reach out to us and let's chat.

About us

Continue to Serve is a grassroots veteran’s organization, comprised of members who are committed to upholding their oath to the Constitution by working for social justice. We aim to secure freedom and equality for all on a local and national level. We will achieve our mission by engaging in community outreach, forming effective partnerships, and participating in actions to hold those in power accountable.

About the job

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