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While it would be awesome if you're a professional photographer or videographer, you don't have to be! We need veterans out there helping to document what is happening. Often times, this is simply getting photos and videos of the events, marches, speeches, etc. It is also key to have spotters in the marches looking for instigators that might be trying cause issues. If we are documenting these individuals, and highlighting that they are not part of the march, it helps to ensure the safety of everyone at the march. We're also looking to start a photography blog and we'd love to see your perspective through your lens. If you're someone who enjoys taking photos, you're probably already doing it. Join our staff and show others that perspective.

About us

Continue to Serve is a grassroots veteran’s organization, comprised of members who are committed to upholding their oath to the Constitution by working for social justice. We aim to secure freedom and equality for all on a local and national level. We will achieve our mission by engaging in community outreach, forming effective partnerships, and participating in actions to hold those in power accountable.

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